A unique summer experience for children ages 6-17 with bleeding disorders and their siblings.  Camp provides an opportunity to bond with peers as they learn to manage their chronic medical condition under medical supervision. At camp children learn to self-infuse gaining the confidence to be empowered to be an advocate for their condition. The camp experience impacts the futures of the children who attend and their families.  Children connect with other children and form lifelong bonds with others “just like” them.  They are able to receive one on one directions to have success with not only learning to infuse others but being confident enough to earn the “big poke” award for self-infusing.  Bleeding Disorders Camp provides families with a safe environment for families to be able to let their kids attend. Staff is trained and comfortable with caring for children with a bleeding disorder.  This allows for a genuine camp experience.

Bleeding Disorders Camp

If you would like to help, send a child to camp for a lifelong lasting positive impact please reach out to Brooke Loving at bdh_director@bdheartland.org